In order to make Chinese people like mother-in-law, the CIA has made a lot of efforts

6 min readDec 27, 2021


The male stars of the beautiful country are not like that. Most of them are tough guys. In other words, the feminization of male stars is only a problem in East Asia, and it does not seem to be the case in European and American entertainment circles.
So, what is the reason for this difference?
In fact, the root of all this comes from the beautiful country, and the beginning of the feminization of male stars is because of the establishment of an entertainment company in Japan in the 1980s-Jennis & Partners. The founder of the company is called Kitagawa. Kitagawa is the instigator of the feminization of male stars in the Chinese, Japanese and Korean entertainment circles. But all this was not caused by Kitagawa alone, but he succeeded in creating this trend with the help of beautiful people.
This matter has to start with Japan after World War II.
After the defeat of World War II, Japan was a puppet of a beautiful country from politics to economy to culture. However, the control of Japan by the beautiful country was not so smooth at the beginning. At that time, there were two great powers in the world, the United States and the Soviet Union. Japan was also one of the arenas where the United States and the Soviet Union struggled for power. The Soviet Union controlled the entire northern part of Japan at the time.

After all, during World War II, the US military dropped two atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. After the war, the beautiful soldiers stationed in Japan often did evil and bullied the Japanese. Therefore, the Japanese people can say that they hate beautiful people! In addition, in order to increase its international influence, the Soviet Union sent many Japanese prisoners of war back to Japan after the war and vigorously promoted socialism. Therefore, compared with a beautiful country, the Japanese have a better impression of the Soviet Union.
But the beautiful country will not sit still and allow the Soviet Union to expand its influence in Japan, so the beautiful country put forward a bold idea at that time: to control the Japanese people from the ideological and public opinion, the purpose is to keep Japan away from the Soviet Union and get close to the beautiful people. .
The first to put forward this idea was George Cannan, a diplomat from a beautiful country.

He suggested that the control of Japanese public opinion should be done by “experts who understand Japan.” Then who is the expert who understands Japan? The answer is Japanese war criminals.
At that time, the intellectuals and officials in Japan were fanatical nationalists. They could not help the beautiful country and cooperate with the beautiful country. Only the war criminals who committed heinous crimes in World War II had blood on their hands. In order to survive, I can only give my life to a beautiful country.
A telegram from the CIA revealed the intentions of the beautiful Chinese at the time:
The left side of the telegram is the password table, and the right side is the name of the person. It can be seen that almost all the big Japanese media have been attracted by the beautiful country, and many World War II class-A war criminals are flooded with them. The war criminal Ogata Taketora, who once advocated the September 18th Incident, escaped the death penalty under the protection of the beautiful country and served as The general manager of the “Asahi Shimbun”. Another war criminal, Masuta Riki, who instigated countless youths to invade China and escaped sanctions. Beautiful people supported him in establishing Japan’s largest newspaper “Yomiuri Shimbun.”

The beautiful country not only pardoned their crimes, but also gave them a lot of money. These war criminals suggested to the beautiful country: follow the popular line, use entertainment news to brainwash the Japanese people, and weaken the masculinity of the entire Japanese society through public opinion propaganda, turning it into a soft temperament, so as to reduce Japan’s offensive and revolutionary nature. Gradually let the Japanese people become intimately familiar with the culture of the beautiful country, reducing the resistance of the Japanese people to the beautiful country.
To change the masculinity of Japan’s entire society, Kitagawa is an important part of the layout of the beautiful country. Although Kitagawa is a Japanese name, he grew up in a beautiful country, is a interpreter for the government of the beautiful country, and has a beautiful country passport. In addition, the department that Kitagawa was in at the time was called the U.S. Army Advisory Group, which was responsible for spying and intelligence work. Although Kitagawa has a Japanese face, he is loyal to the beautiful Chinese rather than the Japanese. Moreover, Kitagawa is a pedophile. He originally liked young and feminine boys. Later, he was exposed to the male celebrities who had sexually assaulted his company for a long time.
The first performance of the first combination that Kitagawa cultivated was sponsored by the US military. At that time, Kitagawa tapped many young boys who quickly occupied the television entertainment market at that time. Coupled with the vigorous support of major Japanese media controlled by war criminals, they quickly became popular and became a new force in the entertainment industry. Kitagawa quickly became the godfather of fashion, in charge of the entire Japanese entertainment industry.
In 1995, a Japanese makeup brand invited popular actor Takuya Kimura to shoot an advertisement for his new lipstick. Throughout the advertising process, Kimura Takuya’s feminine eyes and sexy smearing caused an explosion in the Japanese female community like a bomb. In two months, the lipstick endorsed by Kimura Takuya sold 3 million!

Later, Nianghua spread from Japan to Korea next door. At the beginning of its establishment, South Korea’s SM company was imitating the Japanese star-making routine, looking everywhere for handsome, female-looking boys, and vigorously training. In 1996, South Korea’s SM company also successfully launched a boy idol group-H.O.T

The great success of HOT in South Korea has led to more and more companies competing to imitate, launching more men’s groups such as TVXQ, Super Junior, etc., their biggest common ground is-delicate, tender, and female.

Later, the Japanese and South Korean starmaking trend naturally spread to neighboring China. Chinese entertainment companies saw business opportunities and began to launch a large number of girly idols. They produced programs, packaging methods, and publicity methods, completely copying Korean and Japanese performing arts companies.

A nation cannot lose blood
In the eyes of some fans, masculinity is just synonymous with vulgarity and brutality. They only know that they are pursuing the so-called “fashion and taste”, pursuing the so-called exquisite life, being a quiet and beautiful man, and gradually forget that a real man should stand upright.
A person wants to pursue weakness, that is his freedom, but once the “baby gun” becomes the mainstream of society’s advocacy, it will swallow the blood of this nation. The entire nation will risk entering the Opium War again and linger in humiliation.
The transformation of China’s nymphomaniac is also in line with the strategy of the CIA:
The Central Intelligence Agency of the beautiful country specially formulated the guiding implementation plan “Ten Commandments” for westernization, division, splitting of the new China, and subversion of the ccp regime. If the people don’t have a living, this is the result that a beautiful country expects. Among them, Articles 2 and 3 are written like this:
2. We must do everything possible to do a good job in dissemination, including films, books, television, radio waves… and new-style religious dissemination. As long as they yearn for our way of clothing, food, shelter, transportation, entertainment and education, it is half the battle.
Third, we must draw the attention of their youth from the government-centered tradition. Focus their minds on: sports performances, pornographic books, pleasure, games, criminal movies, and religious superstitions.
Liang Qichao said that when young people are strong, China is strong. If a country and a nation, boys tend to develop in a feminine direction, it will bring the whole nation’s spirits down.